Mum gobsmacked as five-year-old daughter explains £200 stashed in plastic toy

A mother was left gobsmacked after discovering a stash of almost £200 in her five-year-old daughter’s toys – but soon the youngster fessed up and admitted she’d pinched it to ‘keep safe’.

TikTok star Clarissa Garza, @rissa_xo.xo, was shocked when she found the cash stashed in her daughter’s room, which was mostly made up of small bills.

The mum, from Dallas, Texas, had no idea where the money could have come from – because they girl was so young there was no reason for her to have it.

When she asked the young girl where the money came from, her daughter said that she’d taken it from her mum’s purse – to keep safe.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Clarissa said: “She’s five, so I don’t know where she would get money from. Let’s see how much is in here.”

In the plastic toy, Clarissa found a total of $247 (£187), made up mostly of $1 bills but with the occasional $20, and one $100.

The doting mum said in the comments that her daughter had taken the money from her purse, and in a follow-up video she confronted the youngster.

In the clip, she said: “Where did you find that money at?”

Her daughter then replies: “In your purse.” When asked why she took it, the girl added: “To keep it safe.”

Clarissa’s video has been viewed more than 23 million times, over 20,000 people commented on the post.

One said: “She’s been taking your money.”

While another added: “Are you not shocked there’s a $100 in there?”

And a third wrote: “Miss gurl has more money than you.”