Woman left looking like ‘the Grinch’ after filler makes her lips double in size

A woman who treated herself to lip filler was left looking like “the Grinch” after they ballooned to double their size.

Briana was horrified after paying for the injections as her lips became increasingly swollen.

Hoping for the perfect, plump pout, Briana went to have the filler injected into her lips but a while after having the procedure they started getting bigger and bigger.

The 22-year-old from Los Angeles shared the swollen aftermath of having her lips done on her TikTok account @brianagarabet, where people joked she looked like the main character from the Christmas hit, The Grinch.

She asked: “You guys I just got lip filler and it’s so f**king swollen, is this bad?” – and her followers didn’t hold back.

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 29,000 likes and more than one thousand comments from people who were concerned and amused by the outcome.

One person said: “I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to look.”

Another posted: “Giving Grinch for Christmas.”

A third commented: “You need to call the clinic first thing in the morning.”

Someone else wrote: “Cindy Lou Who.”

Others, who have had fillers before, told Briana that there was nothing to worry about.

One commented: “This is normal. Everyone commenting has clearly never had filler. Everyone swells differently. Mine were worse.”

While another said: “My top lip was so small and blew up exactly like that for the first few days but it gets better. I swear!”

Briana posted a follow-up video to reassure everyone that the swelling has now gone down, and her lips are looking normal again.

She said: “This has actually happened to me before and I talked to my doctor and he said it was fine and I wasn’t having an allergic reaction or anything.

“I just get really swollen.

“I appreciate all the concern though, I’m fine.

“It’s still a little swollen today, but it’s for the most part healed.

“I just thought I looked hilarious and thought I would share with you guys.”