‘I won’t buy my kids anything new for Christmass I even re-wrap their old toys’

A penny pinching mum has revealed all the lengths she’ll go to in order to save money while shopping for Christmas presents for her four sons.

In fact, Catherine Lofthouse, from Leicestershire, has got budget presents down to such a fine art that spends practically nothing on making sure there’s plenty to unwrap under the tree.

The 40-year-old refuses to shell out hundreds on brand new gifts, instead opting to trawl charity shops for bargains, even going as far as re-wrapping old pressies.

Catherine says she “loves spoiling” her kids without ruining her bank balance or the planet, and has been a thrifty shopper when it comes to buying gifts ever since her eldest was born in 2012.

“I’d never want them to go without but they are so used to getting stuff secondhand now that they don’t know any different,” she told the Sun.

“Half the fun is in finding things I know they’ll love which weren’t on their Christmas list. Then I wrap them in festive boxes and bags, which I reuse every year.”

As soon as lockdown lifted, the mum-of-three started trawling second hand shops, picking up items such as science kits, Marvel themed gifts and Minecraft books, bagging an estimated £125 worth of gifts for an impressive £25.

Catherine has even gone as far as re-wrapping old presents given to them in previous years and gifting them again.

“I’ve even re-wrapped stuff they weren’t interested in the first time they received it, but that they’ve loved a year or two later,” she said. I’m not sure I’ll get away with that now that they are older though.”

Although her gifting technique is not to everyone’s taste, Catherine says she’s never had anyone make any rude comments, and she doesn’t care what they think anyway.