Furniture is more likely to kill you than sunstroke, says probability expert

It’s safe to say that there are some rather bizarre ways of dying, with some sounding like they’ve been plucked right out of a Hollywood movie.

Perhaps the most creepy part is that the odds of these things happening may be more likely than you think.

YouTuber Reigarw Comparisons has more than 2 million subscribers with over 10 million views on a probability comparison of death video.

As a disclaimer, he states that the video is for entertainment purposes, and although not scientifically proven, he has got his data from multiple sources.

He explains: “Numbers sourced from numerous different websites, articles and books, and some have different probabilities for the same cause.

“Fact check with various other sources if you intend to use these figures.”

So, exactly how likely are you to die from slipping on a banana peel or from playing too many computer games?

Well, according to the popular YouTuber, the least likely deaths on the list are death by space debris, death by banana peel, death by vending machine and death by computer games.

In his words: “No one has been killed by falling space junk before. The odds a single one would hit even 1 of 7 billion humans is 1 in 3200.”

That means that there’s a 1 in 21,000,000,000 probability of being killed by space debris, which isn’t exactly a surprising figure.