‘My husband says I’ve massively let myself go since giving birth to our baby’

Your body changes in crazy ways during pregnancy in order to prepare itself for the eventual delivery of the baby.

And for many women, the thought of what their bodies might look like after they give birth may be extremely daunting.

But one mum has been told by her husband that she’s “let herself go” following the birth of their baby.

The mum of two explained that said she and her partner had had a big row after he’d been “grumpy all afternoon.”

When she asked him what was wrong, he “blurted out that he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with me.”

“That I’ve massively let myself go and that I don’t look anything like the woman he married,” she said in a post on Mumsnet.

The woman said: “I’ve gained weight, I was a size 10 and now a size 14.

“My hair is brushed and clean but now my only upkeep is going to the salon every couple of months to get rid of split ends. When we met I’d have balayage and styled my hair regularly.

“I rarely wear makeup now, when I used to wear the usuals, tinted moisturiser, blush, get my brows and lashes done.

“I do dress okay when I’m out and about but tonight I was wearing my big dressing gown and PJs (not very attractive I know).”

Although she says “he’s right,” and that she would like to lose some weight, she says she just doesn’t have the same time that she used to.

“We have a daughter who is 2 and she takes up a huge amount of time,” she said.

“So much so that some days I’m still in PJs at noon on the days she’s not at nursery (I work 3 days a week) and am a [stay at home mum] when not working.”

At the end of her post, she admitted how “hurt” she was to know what her husband really thought of her.

Hundreds of Mumsnet users took to the comment section to slam his behaviour, as one person said: “I hope he is a perfect physical specimen to be making such stringent demands as regards your appearance, but my guess is he’s no Brad Pitt, right? You deserve better.”

Another wrote: “If he’s that worried, he needs to pull his finger out and do more around the home to allow you some free time to take care of personal care needs (whatever you feel you need beauty/exercise etc).”

A third commented: “Tell him you don’t exist in this world for his visual pleasure and you’ll do whatever the f*** you want to do with your own goddam body?”

But someone else said: “I’d be glad my partner could be that honest with me.”

Another user wondered: “Is there a possibility he’s actually concerned about you and is expressing it badly?”