‘My wife demands I make her a packed lunch everyday but she doesn’t even eat it’

Making a packed lunch everyday can feel like a really tedious task, so there’s something really special about when your significant other goes to the trouble on your behalf.

One man makes the effort of putting together his wife’s lunch every evening, as well as their five-year-old daughter’s, but recently he’d noticed his other half hadn’t been eating what he had lovingly prepared.

Concerned she was getting bored with the lunches, the man decided to mix up the dishes to keep it interesting, and yet the meals kept coming home each evening uneaten.

“I asked her why she wasn’t eating the packed lunches I made her and she said that her co-worker and she had found a really nice eatery near her work so she’d been eating there,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“So I stopped making lunches because it was a waste of food of she wasn’t eating it.”

It sounds like a logical solution, right? Perhaps, however, the man’s wife recently came back to him and accused him of being “childish” by no longer packing her a lunch and insisted that he should still make her meals regardless of what she does with the food.

So, the man turned to Reddit to question whether he was justified in refusing to make the packed lunches, or whether he was in the wrong.

“She’s a grown woman and should be making her own lunch. It seems like she’s ungrateful for the effort you put into making her lunch,” one Reddit user commented.

Another added: “Why does your wife want you to spend the time and energy to make a meal for her that she’s not going to eat? I don’t understand why she would want to take a sandwich and an apple on brief jaunt every day before returning them to the fridge.”

Replying to one of the comments, the man added: “The thing is she doesn’t plan the eating out with colleagues. It’s a spontaneous decision. So she wants the packed lunch as back-up.”