Woman feels ‘really blessed’ after spotting a wave that looked like Jesus

A woman feels ‘really blessed’ after spotting a wave that looked just like Jesus – and luckily she managed to capture a photo of the holy water.

Tracey Bosworth has an almost spiritual connection to the sea, and spends her time walking along the coast photographing waves around Torquay, Devon.

She says it is where she is happiest, and after her most recent trip she looked back through her images and was shocked by what she saw.

In the face of one wave, which rose up after splashing against a sea wall, she saw the likeness of God – specifically as his son, Jesus, being one of his coeternal states as explained in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Tracey said: “I have a relationship with the sea. I spend most of my time on the coast – It’s where I am happiest. I love watching the waves and I love taking photographs. Combining the two is my idea of heaven.

“I noticed due to high tide and effects of Storm Barra, the waves were splashing against the steps that lay horizontally to the beach, almost along its full length. The waves were quite big at times.

“I took lots of photos but it wasn’t until I was going through them to find one or two to put on social media that I came across this image with God in it. I was so excited. I feel really blessed.”

Tracey says that some who have viewed the picture she took at Oddicombe Beach have also likened it to Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, or Neptune, the Roman god of fresh water.

Meanwhile, it appears religious visions are in vogue as a care worker is convinced that he’s seen Jesus in the peel of a tangerine.

Gene Guglielmi did a double-take when he spotted an unusual figure in his freshly-peeled tangerine, with the care home worker left reeling at the resemblance the iconic outline had to the Messiah.

The 57-year-old was stunned by the visage of Jesus that he spotted hanging from two citrus segments while he took a break at work.

He scrambled to take pictures of the citrusy saviour – which show the fruity figure from different angles with a clearly defined head, slender torso and arms outstretched.